‚ÄčI am currently on hiatus from doula work.  I am still active in my placenta encapsulation business - The First Place on Earth and occasionally teach childbirth education classes.  

Healthy Pregnancy

Be prepared before baby arrives and supported after!  A doula can help you meet your breastfeeding goals.  One-on-one breastfeeding support on your time makes a big difference.

The transition to parenthood is challenging and rewarding.  You deserve a helping hand and a reassuring presence to help make decisions and find your way.  

Hiring a doula is a big decision.  You want someone experienced and confident but who understands this is about your  journey.  Hiring professional birth support helps ground your family's understanding about your options, helps prepare you for your birth and new roles as parents.  A doula does so much more than attend your birth!  There are packages for families choosing natural birth and packages for families that want the kind of care only a doula can provide but don't need support at the birth itself because they are scheduling a cesarean birth or planning to use an epidural for pain management.  Explore your options and make the best choice for the unique needs of your family.

Prepare yourself and your partner for the day you give birth.  Understand what to expect and how to navigate through the unexpected.  Make the right choices for you about your best birth.

Learn how the provider you choose influences your pregnancy and birth options.  Learn how to negotiate the common changes to your body and mind during your pregnancy.

Duluth Doula

Happy Postpartum


Successful Breastfeeding

Professional Birth Services

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We can talk about what you are planning for your birth and how my services might be able to help.  I have a wide variety of packages designed to meet the needs of families throughout the Northland area.

Empowered Birth